Where do I review customer survey results?

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Head to the Surveys tab to review an entire suite of automatically built and updated reports. You can also download full datasets of survey responses.

Built-in reports

Overview: shows graphs of your NPS/CSAT scores and response rates over time
My team: displays your highest and lowest rated employees, and a table of all results
Categories: see your highest and lowest rated locations, and a table of all results
Customers: see your happiest and least fulfilled customers
Products: see your highest and lowest rated products, and a table of all results
Questions: see responses to custom questions
Dashboards: create custom dashboards
Responses: look at a list of all responses and open comments


Some examples of Macorva's default reports are:

Overview provides a quick snapshot of NPS, CSAT, Completion rate, and Employee ratings 

Detailed breakdown of survey completion
Employee reports like customer favorites or those with low ratings.

Category reports like favorite locations or services. 

Customer reports like happiest or least satisfied customers.

Breakdown of responses of each question

And the list goes on.... 

All data is also available for CSV download or via our API.

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