Using AI to create custom questions

Macorva's Radiant AI technology can assist you in creating custom CX questions. Have a question but you aren't sure how to ask it? Let our AI help you!

  1. Navigate to Configure > Surveys
  2. Select the appropriate survey you'd like to the add the question to, or create a new survey 
  3. Scroll down the survey preview and select Add/edit questions
  1. Under Available questions, select Use AI to make questions
  1. In the box provided, type in what you'd like to create a question about, and select Generate
  1. Review the results provided by Radiant AI, and click on any of the results and select Add questions to add these to the question library.
  1. This will add these questions to the “No group” category in the question library, select the checkbox next to the question(s) to add them to the survey 
  1. Select the edit button to the right of the question to edit the question and assign it to a group

For more information on creating custom CX questions, click here


Radiant AI's default actions are manually written by executive coaches and I/O psychologists. These suggestions are generated with AI trained with professional coaching materials, but results should always be manually reviewed and edited.

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