How to send surveys to a list of customers?

In many instances, you may want to send out different surveys to generated lists of your customers or prospects for non-triggered events. Examples may include a customer loyalty survey, trade show visitor list, or sales training attendee list. 

Macorva's Bulk send interface is the perfect tool for these ad hoc situations. Simply upload a CSV file with information on where to send the survey (email and/or phone), which survey to send, the customer's name*, any employees they may have interacted with (up to 100 per survey send)*, and any products*.

To access the interface:

  1. Log into Macorva as an admin.
  2. Navigate to Customers > Send survey
  3. Select Bulk send
  1. Upload a CSV (Optionally use “Download template file” as a starting point)
  1. After upload, the imported data will be displayed in the table. Review before pressing Send.

Field definitions:

  • Survey: The survey ID of the survey the customer will receive.
  • Email / Phone: Where the survey will be sent.
  • First name / Last name*: The customer's name.
  • Employee #*: The employee ID of the employee that may be reviewed.
  • Product #*: The product ID of the product that may be reviewed.

*Optional fields

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