How do I log into Macorva?

Macorva uses magic links, or sign-in links, to provide access. This is more secure than traditional username / password log-ins and integrates user authentication without additional steps. 

Optional: SSO / Okta Support

Some companies have SSO setup for their Macorva accounts. If your company has this option enabled, you may notice that you do not have to log in when you go to Note that the magic links we send to your email and phone will still work on personal devices, without requiring you to be logged in through your main company account.


To complete a survey or view results, simply click the link included in your email or text notification from Macorva. Clicking this link logs you in and automatically directs you to your open survey or personal results dashboard.

To request a new sign-in link:

  • Go to, enter in your company email address, and click Send a new sign-in link.
  • Check your email or phone for a message from Macorva. 
  • Click the link in this message to sign in. 

You can generate a new sign-in link at any time by going to

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