How do I monitor my employee survey after it starts?

After kicking off an employee survey, Macorva provides multiple status monitoring options to help achieve the best completion rate possible. Check out the following options.

Survey administrator status page

Users with Admin permissions can review their survey status by:

  1. Select Configure -> EX Surveys and review open or closed surveys.

The listed surveys display:

  • Status: 
    • Open - The survey is in progress. 
    • Closed (private) - The survey is closed, but only survey previewers can review results.
    • Closed (public) - The survey is closed and results are publicly available.
  • % Completed: The percent of employees that have received the survey that have completed at least one question.
  • Start / End dates: The opening and closing dates of the survey.


  1. Open an in process survey, review performance, and modify your communications if necessary.

After entering the survey, scroll to the Email / SMS notifications section to review delivery performance. The total number of sent emails and SMS messages are shown along with links to display any emails or SMS messages that fail to deliver.

As the survey progresses, you should observe the number of sent messages decrease as your workforce completes the survey. If necessary, you can add reminders by selecting Add new notification.


Manager-only status emails

All managers will receive their team's survey completion rates as part of any scheduled survey reminder email. Using this data, each manager easily monitor their teams and encourage completion as needed.



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