How to start using Macorva EX


We're excited to help you get started with Macorva EX so you can begin capturing and analyzing actionable employee experience feedback. Our user-friendly, mobile-first experience ensures you'll learn more from your co-workers than conventional survey tools.

Here's a quick rundown of the most important steps to help you get started.

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Logging in

Macorva uses magic links, or sign-in links, to provide access. This is more secure than traditional username / password log-ins and integrates user authentication without additional steps. 

Optional: SSO / Okta Support

Some companies have SSO setup for their Macorva accounts. If your company has this option enabled, you may notice that you do not have to log in when you go to Note that the magic links we send to your email and phone will still work on personal devices, without requiring you to be logged in through your main company account.


To complete a survey or view results, simply click the link included in your email or text notification from Macorva. Clicking this link logs you in and automatically directs you to your open survey or personal results dashboard.

To request a new sign-in link:

  • Go to, enter in your company email address, and click Send a new sign-in link.
  • Check your email or phone for a message from Macorva. 
  • Click the link in this message to sign in. 

Once you receive a sign-in link, you can continue to use this link to access Macorva for 14 days. You can generate a new sign-in link at any time by going to

Adding my org chart

Configuring Macorva's org chart is your first step when implementing both EX and CX plans. With the org chart, employees can see how your organization is structured, find the right person to contact for a project, look up contact information, review survey results, and more. 

Our visual presentation helps employees put a name to a face, keeps your organization connected, and promotes transparency between leadership and employees. It's also the most flexible way to review EX survey results for yourself and your teams.

ADP integration

Macorva's integration with ADP completely automates org chart setup and management. After purchase, Macorva's customer support team will enable syncing with your ADP account. From there, Macorva will sync with your ADP system hourly based on any changes you've made and perform a full sync weekly.

If you notice any discprepancies, email


General HRIS integration

Your IT department can set up an API call to your HRIS to automatically import and routinely sync your org chart data with Macorva. Follow these steps to enable:

  1. Email from your Macorva domain email address (your work email) requesting an API key for HRIS integration. Include the name of the HRIS you are currently using. 
  2. Our support will work directly with your IT to configure the connection. This usually takes less than one day of work with your IT.
  3. Give the API key and our API documentation to your IT to set up a one-way communication of org chart data. 

Bulk upload via CSV

Creating your org chart via CSV upload is the most flexible method for quickly building your org chart via a bulk upload. Follow these steps to create your org chart:

  1. Log into Macorva with your admin account. 
  2. On the top menu, go to  Configure  People, then select Bulk download/upload:

RecommendedClick Download org chart to download an editable *.csv template. The column titles in this file are already mapped to the correct contact variable. Just copy/paste your employee details into the file, save, upload under the Import people from CSV option, and click Update org chart.


Manual setup

Admin users can manage the org chart via Config -> People 

From there, add new employees by selecting:

When adding a new employee, all required fields are noted and info bubbles provide additional details on hover.

Note: An employee's manager determines their specific position within the org chart.


If you have integration with your HRIS set up, employee photos will automatically be imported via the nightly sync (hourly for ADP users.)

If you do not have HRIS integration set up or do not have employee photos uploaded in your HRIS, you can upload employee photos in Macorva using the people editor or *.csv download:

  • Log in as an admin user and select ⚙ Configure  People
  • Use the people editor to search for employees and select Choose a photo to upload:

  • Or, select Bulk download/upload in the top right, and choose Import photos (optional) to upload a batch of employee photos all at once. 
  • To use the bulk upload, you must ensure all photo files are named Employee ID.jpeg (or .png, .jpg). 
    • The Employee ID is the unique identification string assigned to each employee. 
      • This string comes directly from your HRIS if integration is set up. 
      • If integration is not set up, you will define the Employee ID when creating your org chart. 
    • Use/download your org chart *.csv to reference your Employee IDs when naming the photo files. 

Creating and sending my first EX survey

Macorva's self-service EX survey builder allows admin users to build and deploy employee surveys in minutes, whether for global initiatives like employee engagement surveys, annual job satisfaction surveys, DEI, etc., or local projects for specific groups including pulse surveys, M&A, work from home response, etc.  

Creating a survey

Step 1: Log into your Macorva admin account.

Step 2: Click  Configure EX surveys.

Step 3: Create or edit a survey.

In this Surveys page, you will see a list of closed, open, and pending surveys. Click to edit an open or pending survey, or click New survey to build one from scratch. 

Step 4: Set your survey dates.

 In the Survey options section, select the following dates:

  • Start date: this is when the survey will open to responses and when employees will receive email/SMS notifications with their one-click survey log-in links. 
  • End date: this is when the survey will be closed to responses. You can edit this date to shorten or extend a survey window after a survey is open by following the previous steps and selecting Edit to change settings. 
  • Results available date: this is when applicable survey results will become viewable to non-admin users, .i.e., the end of the "quiet period" where admin users will have the opportunity to view results and discuss key findings with Macorva support. 

Step 5: Select your questions.

Choose from Macorva's reference library of survey questions. Select from pre-defined Categories, or add in your own custom questions.

If you would to include a space for free text comments at the end of your survey, make sure the Comments question is checked. 

Send a targeted pulse survey

Macorva's EX survey builder gives you multiple options to for sending targeted pulse surveys.

Within my department

If you are sending this survey to a specific department, select from the Departments drop-down menu:

To different departments

If you would like to send a global survey with targeted questions for specific departments, find the questions you would like to send to specific groups in your list and select from the Departments drop-down menu:


Step 6: Select with (recommended) or without 360° feedback.

If you would like to send a pulse survey with unlimited 360 feedback, check the box beneath 360 feedback:

Select which positive and negative attributes you would like to include in the 360 rating by clicking Add/remove attributes. You can choose from our pre-built list or enter in your own custom attributes.

Step 7: Set up survey notifications.

When you are satisfied with your survey configuration, you can schedule email and/or SMS notifications to give employees access to the open survey:

You may also customize the message text via Email / SMS customization for:



Step 8: Save and open your survey!

Once you have configured your survey dates, questions, and notification schedule, you are good to go! Click Create new survey to save your new survey and place it in your Macorva queue. 

You can edit your survey questions and related settings at any point up to the survey start date.

You can edit your survey dates and notification schedule at any point leading up to and during the open survey window.

Monitoring my survey's progress

After kicking off an employee survey, Macorva provides multiple status monitoring options to help achieve the best completion rate possible. Check out the following options.

Survey administrator status page

Users with Admin permissions can review their survey status by:

Step 1: Select Configure -> EX Surveys and review open or closed surveys.

The listed surveys display:

  • Status: 
    • Open - The survey is in progress. 
    • Closed (private) - The survey is closed, but only survey previewers can review results.
    • Closed (public) - The survey is closed and results are publicly available.
  • % Completed: The percent of employees that have received the survey that have completed at least one question.
  • Start / End dates: The opening and closing dates of the survey.

Step 2: Open an in process survey, review performance, and modify your communications if necessary.

After entering the survey, scroll to the Email / SMS notifications section to review delivery performance. The total number of sent emails and SMS messages are shown along with links to display any emails or SMS messages that fail to deliver.

As the survey progresses, you should observe the number of sent messages decrease as your workforce completes the survey. If necessary, you can add reminders by selecting Add new notification.


Manager-only status emails

All managers will receive their team's survey completion rates as part of any scheduled survey reminder email. Using this data, each manager easily monitor their teams and encourage completion as needed.


Reviewing my survey's results

After your survey closes, we recommend instituting a quiet period where results can be reviewed prior to public release. A general engagement survey coupled with 360 feedback helps you understand how employees feel about the organization and their coworkers while receiving suggested career development actions via Radiant AI. The first step in this process is understanding how Macorva computes results and ensures anonymity.

How are EX survey question results calculated?

Weighted average results are calculated by assigning the following to each response and then computing an average for all respondents

  • 0% for “Strongly disagree”
  • 25% for “Disagree”
  • 50% for “Neutral”
  • 75% for “Agree”
  • 100% for “Strongly agree”

For example, if five employees in a department all responded with "Agree" for a question, the score would be 75%. However, if 4/5 responded "Agree" and one responded "Strongly disagree", the score would be 60%.

How is employee engagement measured?

By default, Macorva measures engagement from employee responses to our 5 Core Engagement questions*, which analyze key drivers of engagement, including:

  • Feeling happy at work
  • Being recognized for doing a good job
  • Understanding what it takes to be successful at work
  • Having the tools needed to be successful at work
  • Having opportunities to learn and grow

Users can also elect to include questions from our Expanded Engagement section to drill down into more drivers of engagement. 

Engagement is calculated as the percent of employees that completed the survey and answered "Agree" on average for the selected drivers.

After an engagement survey is closed, managers of 5 or more employees can review their team's engagement via the Org Chart. To review, enter the Org Chart and select the survey via the top-left dropdown. 

Detailed survey results within your team are available by expanding via the +.

Admin users or those with "Can view department results" can view detailed, selectable trending data reports. To view, select Employees -> Overview -> SurveyScroll down to select and review reports. See the following examples:

* Core engagement questions may be customized while building a report.

What about unlimited 360 results?

As employees provide feedback on their coworkers, Macorva converts all 1-5 employee experience ratings into 1-10 feedback scores for each employee to review in their own personalized Home dashboard. This conversion results in the following typical results breakdown:

Macorva also returns the positive and negative attributes that were selected most often in the employee’s ratings. For example, 60% of people who gave you feedback checked “Friendly” or “Disorganized.” 



More than 30% of your coworkers must select a particular attribute before it is displayed.

Protecting anonymity

Macorva takes several steps to ensure employee feedback results are completely anonymous. These include:

  • Results are rounded.
  • Results are limited or hidden based on the number of respondents for an organization, department, manager, etc.
  • After a survey is closed and processed, the results that are saved to the database are already anonymized to safeguard against reporting non-anonymized results.

More detailed descriptions for each portion of the employee survey are shown below:

  • Manager view (Org Chart):
    • No results shown: < 5 reports 
    • Completion and Engagement shown: >= 5 reports received the survey.
    • Per question, weighted average results shown: >= 5 respondents to the survey.
  • Overview view (Employees):
    • Special permissions are required to view the Employees > Overview page.
    • Per question, detailed results shown: >= 25 respondents to the survey question.
    • Per department per question, weighted average results shown: >= 5 respondents to the survey.
  • Departments view (Employees):
    • Special permissions are required to view the Employees > Departments page. 
    • Completion and Engagement shown: >= 5 department employees received the survey.
    • Per question, detailed results shown: >= 25 respondents to the survey question.
  • Comment view (Employees):
    • Comments per department shown: Managers may view comments for departments with >= 25 survey employees and all employees within the department must report to them.

See these other helpful articles:

How is engagement determined?

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What's next?

After you've conducted your first survey and reviewed the results, it's important to publicize them. Tell people what you've learned, what actions the company is taking, and what actions your coworkers can take to improve their own results. Thankfully, Macorva helps with that too! Once your survey is public, Radiant AI suggested actions are updated for everyone giving each employee their own coach.

Your managers will have access to additional team data. 

The following video will show managers how they can review employee survey results and create action plans using Radiant AI suggestions in Macorva. Subjects covered in the video include:

  • Accessing survey results
  • Ensuring anonymity of employee survey feedback
  • Reviewing team feedback
  • Taking action using Radiant AI suggestions

Let us know how we can help!

Macorva support is always here to answer any of your questions and help you get the most out of your employee experience surveys. Reach out to with any questions.

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