Configuring AI review generation

Learn how to set up AI-assisted review generation for automated customer feedback.

Macorva's newest feature leverages our Radiant AI to generate sample reviews for external websites such as Yelp and Google. This feature uses the member responses to survey questions and examines the open comments within the survey to understand member sentiment and incorporate this into generated reviews. 

What does it look like?

 Enabling review generation

  1. Navigate to Configure > CX Surveys
  1. Select the survey you'd like to enable review generation on or create a new survey (click here for help creating a CX survey)
  2. Scroll to survey configuration and click Default review sites
  1. Enter in your review site(s) URL(s) and select Continue to save
  1. Select Save survey to save changes 

Note: We will not prompt users to leave an external review if they rate less than 4 stars.

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