Using AI to create custom EX questions

Macorva's Radiant AI technology can assist you in creating custom EX questions. Have a question but you aren't sure how to ask it? Let our AI help you!

  1. Navigate to Configure > EX Surveys
  2. Select the appropriate survey you'd like to the add the question to, or create a new survey 
  3. Under ‘Questions’ select Add/remove questions
  1. Under each question section, there is an option to “Use AI to make questions” click this option to create a new EX question using AI
  1. Enter in what you'd like to ask your employees about and select Generate to view the results.
  1. To select the questions you'd wish, simply click the question(s). Once you have selected the questions, select Add questions to add them to the survey. 
  1. If you want to see other options for the same prompt, select Generate again for new results.
  2. Repeat the steps above anytime you need help creating organization specific questions, or just need help with the best way to ask a question to your employees!

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