How to add manager notes

Manager Notes is an integral part of our Performance Management offering, providing managers with an effortless way to track and manage employee progress. Our Manager Notes feature allows managers to create notes for each employee easily. They can add notes at any time, which can include information about company goals, performance feedback, and feedback on specific tasks. The best part is that our AI takes care of formatting and wording, so managers don't need to worry about that. Moreover, managers can assign those notes to the organization as a whole for items like company goals.

With our Manager Notes feature, managers can easily create complex performance management documents while saving valuable time. Our AI creation module can instantly create highly accurate, personalized, and actionable documents like performance reviews, feedback tables, 1:1 agendas, OKRs, SMART goals, development plans, 9-box analyses, disciplinary agendas, and PIPs. This makes it easy for managers to provide feedback and performance analysis to employees in an effective, efficient, and objective way.


Navigate to and log in:


On the homepage, select the employee who you'd like to add notes to by selecting Manager notes

Once the manager dashboard opens, select the drop down arrow and New note

A new note opens and is available to type notes or copy/paste notes from other sources. The note is automatically saved as you type. The check mark in the upper right hand indicates the note is saved.

Below is a table of the formatting options available:

Add as many notes as you need and use our AI creation tool to combine notes, customer, peer, and manager feedback to create documents.

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