Can I customize my employee survey notifications?

Macorva lets you modify your survey notification's branding, email and SMS subject and text, and frequency. This degree of customization options ensures your survey notifications are easily recognizable to all employees.

To access:

Step 1: Log in as an Admin.

Step 2: Access your upcoming survey and edit.

Step 3: Modify branding, subject, and reminder text for email and SMS (note, SMS text is limited to 120 characters).

You will notice there is default text and several items are surrounded by braces. The items in braces will be filled in based on the survey and institution data. See the following definitions:

  • {COMPANY} - Company name
  • {END_DATE} - Survey end date
  • {SURVEY_LINK} - Magic link to access the survey via email.
  • {SURVEY_URL} - Magic link to access the survey via SMS.
  • {ANONYMOUS_URL} - Link to description of how Macorva guarantees anonymity.
  • {TEAM_STATS} - Messaging that only managers will receive in their reminder emails. This message will update managers on the survey completion rate for their teams.

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