Employee messaging before the survey

Survey announcement

Companies frequently will announce the survey at an all-hands meeting. This announcement typically includes topics such as:

Why the survey is being performed

  • A single manager is usually not enough to assess performance in modern work environments. Employees now work from home, travel, collaborate across departments, go to multiple locations, etc. This makes it impossible for one person to have the full set of information needed to evaluate performance.
  • Asking everyone to contribute feedback in a formal, anonymous process allows everyone’s voice to be heard in a structured manner.
  • The company is investing resources to ensure employees are happy at work, have the tools they need, and feel like they are contributing to success.
  • Receiving unfiltered feedback on operations is critical to decide where to invest resources that will result in the highest improvement.

Overview videos

What the survey will ask

  • There will be general questions about your experiences with the company as a whole (how happy you are, if you have the right tools to do your job, etc.).
  • You will also have the chance to rate your experiences with individual coworkers. In addition to being able to give an overall 1-5 score, you can select actions you have seen your coworkers make.

How anonymity is ensured

  • Macorva will perform all data collection and generate summary reports. Macorva never shares raw data with employers.
  • Individual answers are never displayed. They are only used to generate summary results.

What the results look like

  • If more than 5 coworkers share their experiences with you, you will receive a 1-10 average rating. If you have common attributes, those will be displayed as well.
  • These are trended over time, so you can see changes in teamwork.

Who can view the results

  • You can see your results, as well as the results of anyone who reports to you.
  • Your manager can see your results, but not your peers or subordinates.

What will be done after the survey

  • The initial survey is simply a starting place for a long-term performance plan, and will not be used for any disciplinary actions.
  • It identifies outstanding employees, generates quantitative teamwork results, and gives guidance for performance goals and 1:1s with your manager.

Materials to distribute

An email containing the above information can be sent to all employees, so that they can review information at their own pace and ask management any questions before the survey begins.

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