What is "unlimited 360° feedback"?

"360° feedback" is the term used for performance feedback processes that create an all-around (360°) view of an employee's performance by compiling feedback from managers, teammates, direct reports, and others.

With conventional 360° feedback processes and platforms, an employee is usually reviewed by 2-5 raters in a process that takes hours to complete. For most organizations, this is not a scalable process. Additionally, limiting an employee's 360° to a handful of pre-selected raters means results will be heavily influenced by individual biases and less likely to be consistent and constructive for the employee.  



The term "unlimited 360° feedback" refers to our evolution of the 360° workflow. Instead of pre-selecting raters for a handful of employees at a time, we deliver one easy-to-use survey to all employees that empowers them to rate and describe experiences with anyone in the company. The benefits to unlimited 360° feedback include:

  • Easier experience: giving detailed feedback on 25+ coworkers takes less than 5 minutes
  • Greater participation: employees on average will rate and describe experiences with 20+ coworkers
  • Better data: employee's see 360° results as trends instead of individual ratings


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