How do I give 360° feedback?

To complete a 360° survey or view results, simply click the link included in your email or text notification from Macorva. Clicking this link logs you in and automatically directs you to your open survey. 

In the open survey, you will see a list of "Suggestions." This list is automatically generated by Macorva based on your location in the org chart and includes your manager, teammates, people you manage, and others you are likely to work closely with. You are not required to rate all suggested employees.

To give feedback on your experience with someone, click or tap their name. This will expand their 360° rating card, giving you the opportunity to rate how much you like working with them and tap the actions that apply to that coworker.

All changes are saved automatically once you tap into the employee's 360° rating. You can edit or delete any 360° rating while the survey is open. 


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