Building an EX survey

Macorva's self-service EX survey builder allows admin users to build and deploy employee surveys in minutes, whether for global initiatives like employee engagement surveys, annual job satisfaction surveys, DEI, etc., or local projects for specific groups including pulse surveys, M&A, work from home response, etc.  

Creating a survey

Step 1: Log into your Macorva admin account.

Step 2: Click  Configure EX surveys.

Step 3: Create or edit a survey.

In this Surveys page, you will see a list of closed, open, and pending surveys. Click to edit an open or pending survey, or click New survey to build one from scratch. 

Step 4: Set your survey dates.

 In the Survey options section, select the following dates:

  • Start date: this is when the survey will open to responses and when employees will receive email/SMS notifications with their one-click survey log-in links. 
  • End date: this is when the survey will be closed to responses. You can edit this date to shorten or extend a survey window after a survey is open by following the previous steps and selecting Edit to change settings. 
  • Results available date: this is when applicable survey results will become viewable to non-admin users, .i.e., the end of the "quiet period" where admin users will have the opportunity to view results and discuss key findings with Macorva support. This date can also be left blank.

Step 5: Select your questions.

There are 5 default questions that are in the survey. You can keep these questions, or choose others from Macorva's reference library of survey questions. Select from pre-defined Categories, or add in your own custom questions. To view/add questions in the library select "Add/remove questions"

If you would to include a space for free text comments at the end of your survey, make sure the Comments question is checked. 

Send a targeted pulse survey

Macorva's EX survey builder gives you multiple options to for sending targeted pulse surveys.

Within my department

If you are sending this survey to a specific department, select from the Departments drop-down menu:

To different departments

If you would like to send a global survey with targeted questions for specific departments, find the questions you would like to send to specific groups in your list and select from the Departments drop-down menu:


Step 6: Select with (recommended) or without 360° feedback.

If you would like to send a pulse survey with unlimited 360 feedback, check the box beneath 360 feedback:

Select which positive and negative attributes you would like to include in the 360 rating by clicking Add/remove attributes. You can choose from our pre-built list or enter in your own custom attributes.

Step 7: Set up survey notifications.

When you are satisfied with your survey configuration, you can schedule email and/or SMS notifications to give employees access to the open survey:

You may also customize the message text via Email / SMS customization for:



Step 8: Save and open your survey!

Once you have configured your survey dates, questions, and notification schedule, you are good to go! Click Create new survey to save your new survey and place it in your Macorva queue. 

You can edit your survey questions and related settings at any point up to the survey start date.

You can edit your survey dates and notification schedule at any point leading up to and during the open survey window.

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