ADP-Reviewing EX survey results

After your survey closes, we recommend instituting a quiet period where results can be reviewed prior to public release. A general engagement survey coupled with 360 feedback helps you understand how employees feel about the organization and their coworkers while receiving suggested career development actions via Radiant AI. The first step in this process is understanding how Macorva computes results and ensures anonymity.

How are EX survey question results calculated?

Weighted average results are calculated by assigning the following to each response and then computing an average for all respondents

  • 0% for “Strongly disagree”
  • 25% for “Disagree”
  • 50% for “Neutral”
  • 75% for “Agree”
  • 100% for “Strongly agree”

For example, if five employees in a department all responded with "Agree" for a question, the score would be 75%. However, if 4/5 responded "Agree" and one responded "Strongly disagree", the score would be 60%.

How is employee engagement measured?

By default, Macorva measures engagement from employee responses to our 5 Core Engagement questions*, which analyze key drivers of engagement, including:

  • Feeling happy at work
  • Being recognized for doing a good job
  • Understanding what it takes to be successful at work
  • Having the tools needed to be successful at work
  • Having opportunities to learn and grow

Users can also elect to include questions from our Expanded Engagement section to drill down into more drivers of engagement. 

Engagement is calculated as the percent of employees that completed the survey and answered "Agree" on average for the selected drivers.

* Core engagement questions may be customized while building a report.

After an engagement survey is closed, managers of 5 or more employees can review their team's engagement via the Org Chart. To review, enter the Org Chart and select the survey via the top-left dropdown. 

Detailed survey results within your team are available by expanding via the +.

Admin users or those with "Can view department results" can view detailed, selectable trending data reports. To view, select Employees -> Overview -> SurveyScroll down to select and review reports. See the following examples:

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